Wedding Scents: Finding Your Perfect Scent for the Big Day

Wedding Scents: Finding Your Perfect Scent for the Big Day

    With wedding season just around the corner, why not discover the scent that will not only set the perfect ambiance but also create lasting memories of your special day? Your wedding scent is more than just a fragrance—it's an expression of your wedding style, your personalities as a couple, and a lasting connection to this special day. 
    At Zakiya, we offer a range of scents to suit every style of wedding. Whether you're looking for wedding favors or candles to fill your venue with fragrance, we have the perfect signature scent for your big day. To help you choose the ideal fragrance, here are some expertly matched scents for 7 popular wedding themes:

Glamorous Wedding

For a wedding filled with opulence and sophistication, look no further than Moirai. This luxurious scent combines rich amber and luxury oud for an air of sophistication and richness that perfectly complements the grandeur of a glamorous wedding.

Destination Wedding

Are you planning your wedding at an exotic beach, historic city or a picturesque mountain retreat? The elegant, fruity and woody scent of Sykeus will enhance the sense of adventure and elegance that comes with a destination wedding.
Sykeus candle - Destination wedding - Zakiya blog

Rustic Wedding

If you want to embrace natural elements with countryside aesthetic, then Hesperides is the right choice for you. The fresh and simple lemon composition with the delicate floral elements will add a bright, invigorating touch to the nature surrounding you.

Bohemian Wedding

If you are dreaming of a relaxed, eclectic wedding with vibrant colours and free-spirited atmosphere, consider the Helios fragranced candle. Its opulent Jasmine and orange blossom notes will enhance the bohemian spirit while the warm woods and amber will add a warmth and a sense of coziness to your celebration.
Helios candle - Bohemian Wedding - Zakiya blog

Winter Wedding

Bacchus is the perfect scent for embracing the cozy and festive atmosphere of a winter wedding full of warm colours and twinkling lights. With rich, spicy notes of ginger and cinnamon complemented by juicy citrus and sweet vanilla, Bacchus will enhance the celebratory spirit and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
Bacchus candle - Winter Wedding - Zakiya blog

Traditional Wedding

A traditional wedding focuses on customs and rituals.  They are often formal and grand and reflect our cultural and religious heritage. This is why the ideal candle would be Gaia. The premium woody, earthy character reflects our deep connection to our roots honoring the rich heritage of our families.

Timeless Classic 

Elegant, sophisticated and inspired by traditional elements and timeless beauty, this wedding style focuses on understated luxury and enduring charm. That's why our Nephele candle is the perfect match. The classic vanilla perfectly complements the timeless character while the sophisticated orchids and fresh bergamot notes will add a refined simplicity in this classic wedding celebration.

With the perfect scent chosen, your wedding day will be even more unforgettable, with every fragrance evoking cherished memories for years to come.
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